A loveble gift from Talal Nayer, cartoonist from Sudan

Me! - Drawn by Cartoonist Nayer from Sudan
I was so happy when I got this caricature as a gift from Sudan by my friend Talal Hasan Mohammad Ahmad An'nayer, popularly known as Nayer. Mr. Nayer is a star and well known crtooninst in Sudan. But his cartoons are, also, very familiar across the world. He adopted a special style of his own in cartooning, which attracts every one towards him and they accolade his style of simplicity in making caricatures. He wrote some political articles, short stories, reports, interviews for some Sudanese newspapers. Studied Civil Engineering in Sudan University for Science and Technology. He participated in some individual and collective exhibitions inside and outside Sudan. He won an Excellency Prize from (Great Personalities from Romania) contest 2009. He also got special Diploma from Molla Naserddin contest- Azerbaijan 2008 and Sami Alhajj contest (Professionals Section) in 2008, Speacial Prize from Molla Naserddin contest- Azerbaijan 2009. His blog - http://tnayer.blogspot.com/

A surpise gift from DeVaTe, cartoonist from Peru

Me - Drawn by DeVaTe, Cartoonist from PERU
It is true fact that tastes of the best friends will usually be similar. I think, they keep relationship with mutual affection and respect. Here, I am coming to introduce one of my best friends from Peru with almost my similar tastes. Her name is Deborah Vásquez Tejada, well known in short as DeVaTe! The word ‘Devata’ gives the meaning, in some Indian languages (eg. Hindi, Malayalam), as GODDESS. Yes, it is not flattery if I praised her as Goddess! We got only few female cartoonists across the globe and among them DeVaTe is a Queen as she is, always, showing her royal and loyal presence with cute lines and sweet words. Now she is so popular in our team net place of worldcartOOnists. The caricature which I posted here above was exhibited, by DeVaTe, in the worldcartOOnists' blog, as a surprise gift for me and she praised me there as an "angel of love!" Ha, I wonder! But she thinks I am really kind and lovely with everyone! The same opinion which I felt, already with her!. So I believe, the tastes and thinking among the beast friends will be similar. DeVaTe is one of my best friends from Peru. She is a self-taught cartoonist and caricaturist. Thank you DeVaTe, keep our friendship warm forever! Her blog - http://www.devatecartoons.blogspot.com/

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