Me! a gift from Mr. Waldez from Brazil

Me! drawn by my friend Mr. Waldez
Waldez Paraense Discus, popularly known as Waldez, is a famous cartoonist in Brazil and his works are so familiar and acceptable across the world. His cartoons are highly notable with its great ideas and cute lines. Now he is working as a cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator of Amazonian newspaper. He got several national and international awards in the Hall Internacionla mood of Piracicaba, He has published a book named "Dear Santa" His strips cartoons such as "guinea pigs" , "life threatening" and "the quiet alley" are to be specially mentioned as it could catch many regular readers. The strips are publishing daily in "Oliberal.". Thank you my dear friend Mr. Waldez for giving me the glorious gift of caricature of mine! His Blog -

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