Binding work!


24/8/09 10:55 Lalit Pagaria said...

which software r u using?

24/8/09 22:06 Bijuchandran said...

Adobe collections and corel
Thank you for the visit.
Come again.
All the best!

25/8/09 09:12 Lalit Pagaria said...

thanks for prompt reply. I liked all cartoons. I want to learn, could you please give me some guidance or tutorials.

27/8/09 00:10 Bijuchandran said...

My friend,
The only technique to draw well is to practice, practice and practice again...
Remember.." Try and fail, but not fail to try"
All the best!

27/8/09 01:01 Lalit Pagaria said...

Ok please tell me where to start?...and which software flash/coral/photoshop etc?

27/8/09 06:33 Bijuchandran said... are interested to draw?
Ok, you draw cartoons?
If so, pls show me some of your work..


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