Me! - A gift caricature from Cabap ji!

I got this caricature from Mr. Cabap, a well known caricaturist from Belgium. I call him Cabap ji. Once I asked him a question "Do you believe cartoonist will go heaven?"  and for which he answered positively and added " I think god is the best cartoonist ever,when I see what he created". Hahaha...I was so impressed and amazed with his answer. Now Cabap ji is our Santa Claus in our team blog named worldcartOOnists .Thank you Cabap ji , live long!
His blog -

Mr. Cabap


11/1/10 12:56 cabap said...

Thank very much my good friend Bijuchandran.
jan :)

21/1/10 06:44 Caricature Artist said...

I agree, God is the ultimate perfect cartoonist. Mr. Cabap is so humble to say that. I have also discovered caricature from photos and I find it very interesting. Btw, I admired that caricature he has done of you.


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