A Gift from cartoonist PALMAS

Me! - drawn by cartoonist PALMAS
PALMAS (ADRIÁN ANIBAL PALMAS is a well known cartonist in Argentina. He was born in Cordoba, Argentina on 21 November 1966. In 1991 he graduated in architecture from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, professions exercising independently. His  cartoons and grafico humor have been publishing in the Magazines La cañada, Panza Verde, Saltalarisa, 20diez, Mistica Albiazul, Tango Reporter, Cochan, El Portal  all of Argentina, and also in the webs like  Irancartoon, Toonpool. He is also an author of worldcartOOnists.
My dear friend Mr. PALMAS,
I am getting no words to express my happiness and to show my gratitude.

Thank you dear for giving me the wonderful gift of caricature. No other gift can please me more than this! All the best!


22/3/10 07:16 Palmas said...

muchas gracias, es un placer para mi


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